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Powerful Taurus Solar Eclipse…and Venus Frisks into Gemini :)

As I talked about on my Intuitive Life Radio Show this past Monday, this is a Very-Stupendously-Big-Week for our Sweet Cosmos with a solar eclipse in Taurus sporting a conjunction to the South Node – the Dragon’s Head of Fate and Karma – and on the very same day, Venus changing signs, moving from sultry, if slow-moving, Taurus, to lively, if sometimes fickle, Gemini.


This Thursday, May 9th presents us with the second of three eclipses in a little over a month.  Just think of an eclipse as a full or new moon on steroids.  And this New Moon Eclipse at 19 degrees Taurus is coupled with the South Node – and also has Mercury and Mars thrown into the mix.  The South Node is commonly connected with old karma, and it tends to emphasize the past as it has built and created our present day situation.  So, since this Solar Eclipse is considered a South Node eclipse, our old ways of thinking and being need to be shaken off in order to be able to radiate our new and improved futures.   And it is really REALLY is about letting go — whether we’re ready or like it or not!


We’ll be expected to pitch out any dusty junk lurking among our “cobwebs” and get rid of what isn’t working, especially as it relates to what or who we love and value, our finances and money, and our income and resources.


Shakeups, the unexpected and surprises are often in the prevailing winds of an eclipse. And with this particular Taurus Solar Eclipse, any planets or angles falling within 18 – 20 degrees in our charts will be powerfully impacted – though the strongest collision will be with points falling in the fixed signs of Taurus (with this Eclipse making a conjunction), Leo (making a square), Scorpio (making an opposition), and Aquarius (also making a square). 


So, we should be alert to where those degrees fall in our charts.  And even if there are NO direct hits to planets or angles in the chart, the House (which represents a specific area of our life) will likely experience some Eclipse-Shaking-Ups.  Sometimes an eclipse can leave us feeling utterly flattened, but being able to work proactively with its energy can actually break open old crusty doors in our lives – and thrust us forward into our future – and sometimes with a blast!


The other Big Energy Shifter is Venus changing signs and entering lively Gemini.  This shift happens on the very same day as our Taurus Lunar Eclipse on Thursday, May 9th.  Venus shifting into Gemini speeds EVERYTHING up!  And she’ll be in Gemini for 25 days.  We should expect more communication, friskiness and probably more flirtation energy around us.  And there’ll probably be a LOT more words – but it’ll probably be beneficial to take everything with a big boulder of salt until we’re sure it’s for sure!  It IS playful Gemini’s season after all!


And then on May 15th, Mercury romps into Gemini with Venus.  Mercury is totally happy in Gemini since it’s his Home Sign.  And just in time for our next Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 25th in Sagittarius, we’ll see Mercury and Venus join hands in a sweet conjunction.  So, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will ALL be conjunct in Gemini as well… This will be a great time for communication and expanding horizons…  But more about this upcoming Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse later!

More soon… and Intuitive Life Radio Show coming up with astro info and free readings for callers and chatters!




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